Blow the tidy house, I want to paint!

I know it means a bigger job tidying up before Thursday’s Open for Inspection, but I’ve been busting to paint and today did! I loaded the palette with all of my colours then just got stuck in with no plan in mind, just going where the painting took me.

The first one is a big canvas and ended up being Sydney. There’s black paint in the middle which you can’t see because it is still wet and reflected the flash. Too bad because it really helps the painting...

The next one was a bird...leaves which I painted in pink and orange and yellow got mushed together in the end which I liked (am enjoying painting with paints neat from the tube, then adding a bit of white here and there) then I layered on top the bits and pieces that might be associated with a bird and its habitat. Again, nothing was planned, I just let it evolve.

The final canvas played further with birds and their world... felt so GOOD to be painting again. Then I had to tidy up...poop!