Life, Pillows and Home

Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada

B&Bs are great for meeting really interesting people and having scintillating breakfast conversation. Yesterday’s conversation...Hurricane Katrina and why and how and the construction of dykes here around Canning (!!! a lot of this land has been reclaimed by dykes made of sod built up over the centuries) and levies there (New Orleans) and what has happened since; distributing aid money to various countries; building schools in northern India and Nepal; food banks and poverty in Nova Scotia.

Today’s conversation - making big life changes; finding a man; strong women in their fifties; strong women in their fifties making those big life changes and looking for those men.

There are four main ways to find a man...but she forgot the first...what if that’s the one that works? Like forgetting the punchline of a joke...What if somebody doesn’t want to buy the most expensive tickets to a baseball game or pretend to have a 1966 blue Mustang for sale? What if she gets the man but he’s always away at baseball games in his 1966 blue Mustang?

My thoughts about life- coming to know that we have a little toolkit that will have the appropriate gear to deal with whatever comes up, so we learn that we don’t need to control and predict and be prepared for every eventuality because whatever happens, we’ll be able to find what we need to deal with it at the time.

I had a great clown teacher who couldn’t live by the most profound thing I learned from him- that if what you expect and plan for doesn’t happen, something new will happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. You can embrace the new and step into it like an stumbled-upon secret garden, or be completely unable to see it because your focus is backwards on the thing that didn’t happen.

When I arrived in Canning, the room I’d booked wasn’t available for the first night so I was upgraded to one with a BIGGER bed. It had six pillows.
I have never seen a bed with six pillows before.
In respect for my hosts, I diligently did my very best but had an extremely difficult time trying to use all of them during the course of the night as I can only handle one pillow at a time. I’ve now been moved to a room with four pillows and am getting 33.3% more sleep.

I met up with some friends and joined them for supper at their friends’ house. The chap used to make chairs so I sneaked a photo of his handiwork.He now makes wine and radio-controlled model aircraft (he’s with a group with their own little radio-controlled airport), and has restored a 100 year old pool table with real ivory balls and the original leather pockets. The surface is green baize material (see MANY Agatha Christie books and descriptions of doors)(now I know what she meant) over slabs of slate. Did you know that? I’m glad I didn’t as I stood in the workshop underneath the timber floor that’s supporting its monstrous weight.

Speaking of radio-controlled- I’m reminded of how bemused I was when I first heard of electronic whiteboards- what could it POSSIBLY be electronic about a whiteboard? Like electronic soap, or seat I wonder about the chap integrating his skills and creating radio-controlled chairs...

Today I went to Hall’s Harbour
The sand on the beach is of a roughish nature

I visited a little house for sale, built in 1825. Absolutely enchanting, and I loved it,
but is it the home I’m looking for...what is“home”?...

I’m now working in the dining room of the Inn because the elderly house here doesn’t believe in wireless internet and so it makes sure that the signal drops out if I step across the doorsill of my sweet suite. Never mind...

Time to think up some cartoons for sending tomorrow...