Plunging into painting


Gesso is a lovely white paste which you can use to coat old paintings and forget you ever did them, then start all over again.

I decided to cover one of my attempts from the recent painting class, then just experiment for a few days. I might paint until I’d used every paintbrush for example, then have a cup of tea or work, then close my eyes and grab three colours from the bag of tubes of paint and would have to use them somehow for the next layer. Or I might rotate the painting by 90 or 180 degrees, or I might add colours I felt like adding. If I didn’t like something I’d keep doing it to take me in new directions away from my usual choices.

Today I decided to stop experimenting with this particular painting and to find an end point. The final version was created by drawing shapes from the back verandah: twisted leaves, shadow, light coming through a woven chair, spider web in lattice, vase, crossed branches, then drawing the shapes wherever, joining them up, and painting from there. In the end it looked like a seascape viewed from above so I added little boats and houses like the ones in Tenby in Wales, and will stop at that.

Very bravely I’ll put the versions I’ve photographed here. Bits I like and bits I definitely don’t, but you have to make all kinds of noise to learn your instrument. One of my favourites I forgot to photograph before painting over it. Sure, right, Kerry. The one that got away.

................ Everything kept wanting to turn into trees or people and I had to work hard to resist...sometimes I didn’t.