A few finished paintings...

Here is the France inspired one finished.

This one appeared before...look for one with the orange rectangle. It turned into a shearing shed from above then morphed into another France inspired ditty.

This is the sort of thing I was busting to paint. It was painted very quickly with as little finesse as possible...trying to follow instinct, gut and heart rather than head.

This painting was started with the word “muse” which I picked by opening the dictionary at random and putting my finger on a page without looking...I actually began the painting by drawing the four letters m u s e anywhere on the canvas, any size, then worked with the word in mind. This painting has a personal story for me and was built up and changed as my mind wandered and moved through memories and time.

The word “play” was in my head with this one. I’m very tempted to change it back to an earlier simpler version.

My method for starting a painting with a random word from the dictionary wavered when it threw up “ultimogeniture”. Hmmm. Not only did it not inspire me particularly, but had I drawn all of the letters on the canvas it would have been decidedly crowded. So I randomly replaced it with something from an earlier page: “crow”. After drawing the letters anywhere on the canvas in any size, I filled them in with colour, filled in around them, didn’t like the result so began to scrub it together but left little patches of pure colour, and suddenly was looking at the land the way a crow in flight would see it. I added a suggestion of roads and edges of water and left it at that.

A girl flying a red kite appeared just as I was ready to pack up.