Coco with her boots on - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada Dec 2007

Having discovered I need to re-size every photo I’ve ever put in my blog because in their current condition they are causing the house to tip sideways, it has been fun to trawl through my album and revisit places and excitements from the past few years...including a wonderful stay in Whitehorse in the Yukon at Christmas 2007. Read on and you’ll discover a connection with something which is unfolding, and in fact, is almost flat, as I type...

My dear friend Anne gave me her old and classic Yukon Parka which I lOVE (and this is a photo of me in it and loving it). It is currently hanging in my cupboard in Sydney...pining for the pines.

One HUGE excitement was dogsledding (mushing) by moonlight at 35 below zero (Celcius) on a frozen (natch) lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada, near Whitehorse just before Christmas. The young woman, Jocelyne, who took us out that night, (until the ice cracked beneath us and spooked the dogs) (and they weren’t the only ones...apparently the ice was metres thick and was just - repositioning - so nothing to worry about...NOW she tells us...) is at this minute running the “Yukon Quest” - a 1000 mile (!!!!!!!!) dogsledding race (1,600 km) where the competitors carry everything except food for the dogs which is dropped at intervals for them.
I think they expect to take 10 days! Phew!!! You can read about it and check their progress at

(We went out again in daylight, hence the non moonlight looking photos.)

The landscape was incredibly beautiful and silent as it glid past (OK, glided. OK, yes, we were doing the gliding, but you know what I mean)


It was magical walking through the frozen forest, although even though I’d been assured bears would all be asleep, I couldn’t help myself from trying to tip-toe. Difficult in boots.

Winter photo sent to me by friend Nancy in Nova Scotia